Which Mural Design Should We Bring to Life in Skyway?

  Community Interest

By Devin Chicras

Three local artists have shared their visions for art celebrating the Skyway community. Vote on the mural concept that you would like to see up on a wall somewhere in the heart of Skyway this summer.

Artist: Yale Wolf

Yale Wolf's rough design for Skyway mural features fish.

This mural is a tribute to our water ways and the local fish within in it. I would like to highlight the different local species in an “ink print” fashion. Historically fish prints have been made over the ages and I would like to use this as an inspiration to the mural.

If this mural comes to life I would like to make our own original fish prints from our local sources and use those as references for the mural. The ink print inspired fish are colorful and are blended as if we are looking through water. I’m also interested in using some inked lettering pictured in the draft, currently it’s a place holder and the story is developing.

Artists: Craig Cundiff and Ari Glass

In our concept titled “Golden Dreams,” we sought to capture the essence of Skyway’s youthful optimism and resilience in the face of life’s challenges. It serves as a visual representation of the enduring power of hope and the potential it holds to shape our individual and collective journeys.

At the forefront of the composition stand two young people, their faces brimming with determination and a sense of possibility. They symbolize the embodiment of hope, representing the spark that resides within each of us, even during the most uncertain times. Their vibrant presence serves as a reminder that youth is not merely a stage of life, but a state of mind—a mindset of unwavering belief in the potential for positive change.

Behind the figures, Ari’s signature pattern emerges, composed entirely of delicate strokes of gold leaf. This intricate tapestry represents the dreams, aspirations, and interconnectedness that underlie our human experiences. It acts as a visual metaphor for the transformative power of hope, as it weaves its way through the fabric of our lives, inspiring us to strive for a better future.

Gold, a universally revered material, signifies both luxury and enlightenment. Its luminous nature reflects the inherent beauty and resilience that emanate from hope. The glistening gold leaf pattern embodies the transformative energy that arises when hope is nurtured and shared. It illuminates the mural, drawing attention to the profound impact that hope can have on individuals and communities alike.

Through this mural, we aim to ignite a collective spirit of optimism, encouraging viewers to reflect on their own hopes and dreams. By emphasizing the significance of hope, we invite others to cultivate a sense of resilience and purpose in their own lives. We hope that this artwork serves as a catalyst for positive change in Skyway, reminding us all of the strength we possess within and our ability to shape a brighter future. 

Artist: Claudia Villalobos

The mural portrays a vibrant collage of Skyway’s significant landmarks, representing a diverse range of cultures. It celebrates the community by incorporating images that resonate with both the young and the elderly. Colors play a vital role in capturing the spirit of the community, and the mural’s highly colorful composition is intended to evoke countless smiles from Skyway families.

Which of the three mural ideas is YOUR favorite? Make sure you vote online by June 25, 2023!


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