WHCA Board Elections on Tuesday, April 16th – Here are Your Candidates!

  Community Interest

by Devin Chicras

It’s that time of year… More daylight, blooms all around, warmer temperatures, and… your spring WHCA Community Quarterly Meeting! All the great info you’ve been waiting for, including updates from King County Parks and the Department of Local Services, will be delivered in unparalleled fashion Tuesday, April 16th, 7:00PM – 8:30PM at Skyway VFW Post #9430.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, you will be electing six (6) directors to the WHCA Board! We will be accepting nominations from the floor during the meeting. However, this year we put out a call for applicants ahead of time, and WOW did we get a response! Let’s check out your neighbors who answered the call…

Nikki Barron

Neighborhood: Campbell Hill

I am a marketing expert with over a decade of experience in marketing. I hold a degree in graphic design from North Seattle College and have been a photographer for over 15 years.

When I’m not working at Mastin Labs or working with my coaching clients, you can find me using my marketing powers for good with Techbridge Girls, a nonprofit that serves girls K-12 in our schools with an afterschool program focused on STEM education. I want to help deepen the partnership of Techbridge with the West Hill community so we can serve even more girls in the future with our programs. I am interested in working with young women to inspire them to be the change they want to see in the world. You can’t be what you can’t see, and I want to show up for them in our community.

I am interested in joining the WHCA board of directors so I can become more involved in my local community. I am a trained graphic designer and head of marketing at a software startup. I purchased my home in West Hill in 2018 and have been actively looking for a way to contribute to my community. I enjoy board positions because I am a strategist. I love to think big picture about how to create the most impact and empower teams to bring our ideas to life in a way that is fun and rewarding!

Jacqueline Frazier

Neighborhood: Lakeridge

I have lived in Lakeridge for about 15 years and love my home and community and what my home has to offer me and my family. I have 1 son who travels and models and a Shih Tzu named Rico. I work as a business manager for a very busy doctor and have ran business in catering and party planning as well as a bakery. I love fashion, food and design.

I continue to be an active member of the community and help others in the community have a voice and become involved in the growth and development of our neighborhoods. I want our community to embrace the diversity and community events here.

Beryl Gorbman

Neighborhood: Earlington

I’m a semi-retired private investigator who has lived in this area about 6 years. My husband and I are originally from New York.

I would love to see a thriving, busy area near the Library.

Beth Hintz

Neighborhood: Skyway

I grew up in the Chicago area and moved to Seattle about 12 years ago; Seattle is home for me. I love the mild weather and the mountains, forest, and ocean all at my fingertips. I enjoy cooking, trail running, camping, swimming, crafting, gardening, watching favorite shows & movies with my husband (while snuggling with our cat and pup), and spending time with good friends. I feel so honored and grateful that my life’s work has been and continues to be dedicated to supporting the incredible missions of nonprofit organizations in our community.

I have worked in the nonprofit sector for 20+ years, including working for community development/public space nonprofits.

I just moved to the area about six months ago and have been looking for ways to get involved in building community here where we plan to live for many, many years. I’m excited about being part of efforts to create a more vibrant, connected neighborhood and sense of place. The first weekend we moved in, we got to attend the Skyway Outdoor Cinema–what a super fun welcome! As soon as I learned about WHCA I knew I wanted to get involved once we got settled into our new home. After a focus group with King County last week re: subarea planning, I got even more excited to get involved! I value community spaces where people can come together, and I’d love to be part of creating those kinds of opportunities and places in Skyway-West Hill.

Margie Lindberg

Neighborhood: Skyway

Hello, my name is Margie Lindberg. My husband Dick and I have lived in Skyway for 38 years. We raised two successful children here in our neighborhood and have made lifelong friends that we consider family. The West Hill Community Association in the past few years has truly grown and is involved with supporting our community socially, economically, and civically. I am looking forward to serving on the WHCA board for two more years, but I will always to be an active supporter of the West Hill Community Association in any capacity.

As a member of the board, I am focused on being a part of my community and engaging people to become active in Skyway. I really would like to see changes and improvements to our business district. Residents need places to eat, socialize, and shop.

Anthony Miller

Neighborhood: Bryn Mawr

I am an aviation fan. I have worked at all local airfields, including Renton Municipal, Boeing Field, Sea-Tac International Airport and Eugene Municipal Airport. Now, I have returned home and settled into my current position at Valley Medical as a Maintenance Technician in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of all patient rooms. In my spare time I spend my time with family and friends in addition to the hobby I enjoy the most – flying my drone and taking aerial photography.

Having lived in the lower Bryn Mawr area for my entire life, I feel that it’s time to give back to my community. I have a steady career that I’m happy with over at the local hospital, and I told myself once I found a stable job I would one day get involved in the community. I believe this is the time to do so.

Micah Phillips

Neighborhood: Skyway

I am from Columbia, Missouri, and studied history and Spanish as an undergrad. I taught English for four years in Asia: two years privately in Seoul, South Korea, and two years for Peace Corps, in Sichuan Province, in China. I worked in a food bank in Capitol Hill. I went to the UW Evans School and got a Master’s of Public Administration, focusing on public budgeting and finance. I am a program administrator for the City of Bellevue. I married my fantastic wife, Michaela, in 2017, and we moved to Skyway in November 2018. We love hiking, camping, traveling, playing board games, enjoying our two six-month-old kitties, and (especially when it’s sunny) being outside in our fantastic new neighborhood!

I would like to join the WHCA Board because I always want to be involved in my community. I am interested in serving West Hill, in particular, because I believe this community is about to enter a period of significant change. I would like to support our community members as they experience these changes, in whatever way I can. I will show up to community events. I will advocate for causes the Board and West Hill residents care about. I will lend whatever skills I do have with communication and coordination, to connect people and resources to best meet community needs. The local issues that matter most to me are economic development, parks and open spaces, and land use.

I coordinate the City of Bellevue’s performance measurement program, which involves strategic planning, goal setting, and a general support for data-informed decision-making. This work involves navigating systems and bureaucracy. I would love to help this already-successful board as it engages with the government and public-sector entities that so dramatically affect the impact of community groups like the WHCA.

Cynthia Subjeck

Neighborhood: Panorama View

I moved to West Hill last year from South Seattle when I bought a home. I work in the South Seattle area as an RN Case Manager with the Dept. Of Veterans Affairs. I have experience in animal advocacy and with civic engagement through the groups with which I have been most active – Soi Dog Foundation and King County Democrats. I have experience interacting with people, fundraising, and promoting Soi Dog Foundation in the U. S., and I have experience engaging the public through canvassing in the 37th Legislative District. I am used to advocating when others cannot, so I am an asset to any organization in that regard.

I believe in equality and in democracy for all people regardless of their race or gender. I believe that health care is a human right and not a luxury. As a resident of West Hill, I am looking forward to its growth and want to be an active participant in it.