WHCA Receives King County Fire District 20’s Community Service Award

  Community Interest

by Devin Chicras

While we came to King County Fire District 20’s annual awards ceremony to honor our community’s firefighters and celebrate 75 years of our beloved Skyway fire district, we were absolutely surprised and honored to have also been recognized amongst our local heroes for the work we’ve been lucky enough to do for (and with) our neighbors.

King County Fire District 20 Community Service Award, presented to West Hill Community Association on February 3rd, 2018 “In recognition of outstanding commitment and service to the community”.

Board members Lou Lecroy, Devin Chicras, Mark Velez and Jeremy Williams were on hand to receive the award from Fire Chief Eric Hicks, and were lucky enough to also witness the inaugural Color Guard presentation!

West Hill Community Association Board Members Lou LeCroy, Devin Chicras, Mark Velez and Jeremy Williams 

This one is for all of you as much as it is for WHCA – thanks King County Fire District 20, and a very special thank you to our volunteers, neighbors and partners.