WHCA Fall 2021 Quarterly Meeting Recap

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By Devin Chicras

Our Fall Quarterly Community meeting on October 19, 2021 featured updates from Skyway Water & Sewer District, King County Local Services, King County Fire District #20, King County Sheriff’s Office, and a great presentation from Kahdijah Jackson who leads the Community Van program in Skyway for King County Metro. Also, learn more about what a Community Development Association (CDA) is, and what WHCA’s next steps are in becoming one!

Watch the video, or check out the highlights from our live Tweets below!

Welcome to WHCA's newest board member, Jamie Jackson!! 🎉

Cynthia Lamothe, Skyway Water & Sewer GM:
🚰 lots of capital improvement projects happening
🚰 secured $9M+ in funding
🚰 late fees, liens, turnoffs suspended through end of year
🚰 e-meters being installed now
🚰 more info in our November newsletter!

Thank you to Julia Bobadilla-Melby for delivering a powerful land and people acknowledgment in honor of Indigenous Peoples Day, which was observed on October 11.

John Taylor, Dir of King County Local Services:
➡️ Vax rate in KC at 87%
➡️ Participatory Budgeting: $10M pilot project for urban unincorporated areas, community committee (inc. 5 members from #Skyway) decides how to spend. Skyway is getting about $3.4M

Malcolm Lee, past Skyway resident, will be leading community center project. Appraisal is being done on Skyway Park Bowl as a potential site. You can reach Malcolm at [email protected] or (206) 399-2534.

Skyway-West Hill Subarea Plan feedback closes on 10/28, with 35 responses so far. Community groups (including WHCA and Skyway Coalition) have requested an extension, which is being considered now.

The Skyway Community Voices Project is partnering with @RIZPartnership to host a virtual information session on Tuesday, October 26 at 5:30 p.m.

Chief Eric Hicks, @SkywayFire:
🔥 100% of KCFD20 personnel are vaccinated
🔥 68th Ave S 3-alarm fire kept from spreading
🔥 Health & Safety Fair was canceled, but shout out to Alajawan's Hands for getting backpacks out to kids still
🔥 Our newsletter recently hit mailboxes

Chief Hicks: @SkywayFire
🔥 Two things on your ballot: Fire commissioner race & Prop 1 Levy lid lift to help fund fire district for 6 years
🔥 Levy: $1.50 per $1k property value, will increase unit reliability
Make sure you’re registered – GET OUT & VOTE

KCSO Dep Major Joe Hodgson:
🚨 Crime stats for last three months are pretty flat, but felony assaults/DV jumped in September.
🚨 3 firearms cases, one person shot in foot.
Email: [email protected]

KCSO Captain Pete Horvath:
KCSO has domestic violence investigation unit, we work with advocates around the county.

KCSO Skyway West-Hill Storefront Deputy Josh Storkes-Sayles: We are continuing Skyway walks, and being present for community. Organizing coat drive. Attending block watch meetings. Building partnership with SPD's Detective Cookie. Restarting vacation house checks.

KCSO Deputy Josh Storkes-Sayles: We need to start up more block watches. Reach out to me or to Manny for info: [email protected].

🚐 Kahdijah Jackson, former Skyway resident, is now Community Transporation Coordinator for @kcmetrobus Community Van program, which is starting up in #Skyway. It will be accessible to request online.

Driven by volunteers – Volunteers needed! Reach out to Kahdijah at [email protected].
Fare will be $2.75 for adults and $1.50 for kids. There is an accessible van by request.

Julia Bobadilla-Melby has been working with King County Councilmember Girmay Zahilay and other councilmembers on the #WAEquityNow initiative to restore affirmative action processes in King County. Council is discussing tomorrow. More info:

WHCA Co-Chair Jeannie Williams: WHCA is becoming a CDA, but what does that mean exactly?

CDA = Community Development Association. Helps support and revitalize communities – stewarding affordable housing and community dev projects, and often involved in bringing services and social programs to the community.

This work is building on the work started by a coalition of local groups advocating for a community center, resource center, outdoor preschool, affordable housing, and economic development.

CDAs can contribute to:
– Community building, planning, and advocacy
– Equitable economic development
– Nurturing self-sufficient residents and entrepreneurs
– Convening and creating a voice for the neighborhood
– Building residents' decisionmaking power

In July 2021, West Hill Community Association's board unanimously voted to become a CDA so we can help steward community projects including the goal of community-owned land and assets.

WHCA's next steps as a CDA:
– Build capacity, hire staff
– Seek funding from a variety of sources

Help us make this vision a reality! Join us in giving either one-time or on a convenient recurring basis at

Join WHCA's Halloween Takeover! #HalloweenSpiritContest open NOW, treats giveaway on 10/28, streaming movie (#Beetlejuice) Halloween weekend:

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