West Hill Crime Stats: 2/25 – 3/8/15

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by Devin Chicras

Number of Dumped and Stolen Vehicles in West Hill is on the Rise

A visual presentation of West Hill Crime Statistics for February 25th through March 8th prepared by our King County Sheriff’s Office West Hill Storefront Deputy Kurtis Andrews.

Despite arresting some suspects, the number of dumped and stolen cars still remains high. Deputy Andrews says: “It seems we have been having an increase in stolen vehicles and dumped stolen vehicles in the community. We have caught a few suspects in stolen cars in the past few weeks, but it seems we have been having more and more vehicles being stolen.”

Don’t forget to take Deputy Andrews’ earlier advice about locking and securing your car, and keeping a vigilant eye out on your block.

Are you interested in starting a Block Watch? Block Watches have proven very effective in combatting crime in our neighborhoods, and our participation with the Deputies has greatly increased their effectiveness in keeping us safe. You can email or call Deputy Andrews (206-579-5279) for more information.

Also featured in the presentation below: one of the patrol cars now has a special tool to help them locate stolen vehicles!

West Hill Crime Stats:

One Response to “West Hill Crime Stats: 2/25 – 3/8/15”

  1. Richard Willy

    Need some KCSO patrol work on Rainier Ave.please! Driving southbound today, turning into lane (east) at 106th, nearly hit by northbound driver who pulled into center lane to PASS! That kind of thing happens EVERY DAY! I realize staff is in short supply, but some occasional KCSO attention would pay off. – Dick Willy