Woinshet (Winnie) Meshesha smiles from behind a cash register.

Support Local: Skyway-West Hill Business Roundup

By Devin Chicras & Fin Harmany

Skyway-West Hill’s business districts are full of friendly, hardworking small business owners with big hearts. Instead of corporate chains and big box stores, we have some uniquely wonderful places to shop and eat. We’ll keep this post updated as we continue to feature our community’s vibrant businesses in unincorporated 98178 that no longer need to only be a well-kept secret among locals. How many places on this list have you been to?

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We Made News, Magic, and Friends in 2021

by Devin Chicras

2021 was a year of getting things done in the face of great challenges. It was a year full of big wins on the path to collaboratively building a more equitable, informed, engaged, and vibrant Skyway-West Hill community. Here’s a recap of some of the things we got to do this year, with your support.

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Nevzat Cankaya of Nevzat's Espresso in Skyway has gift cards available for purchase April 2020

Skyway Strong: Who’s Open for Business in West Hill

by Devin Chicras (with help from WHCA Directors)

ℹ️ NOTE: This post current as of May 2020

We’re actively compiling a list of which stores, restaurants, and services are open and how their operations have adapted to the COVID-19 health crisis in the Skyway, Bryn Mawr, and MLK Business Districts of Unincorporated West Hill (98178).

Looking for other community, business, or worker support, or how to find the latest trustworthy news and information about COVID-19? Check out our roundup here.

While we’ll do our best to keep local business info up-to-date, please contact the business directly to confirm details. Continue on for our latest list…

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