Hometown Heroes: West Hill Community Rallies Amidst Pandemic

by Beth Hintz

We’re inspired and motivated by how the West Hill community has risen to the challenge of keeping neighbors safe and healthy during both the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus and the virus of anti-Black racism, and the resulting racial justice uprising we are experiencing today for Black Lives Matter. Here are just a few examples of local heroes in our midst who are working tirelessly to support residents in Skyway.

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Nevzat Cankaya of Nevzat's Espresso in Skyway has gift cards available for purchase April 2020

Skyway Strong: Who’s Open for Business in West Hill

by Devin Chicras (with help from WHCA Directors)

ℹ️ NOTE: This post current as of May 2020

We’re actively compiling a list of which stores, restaurants, and services are open and how their operations have adapted to the COVID-19 health crisis in the Skyway, Bryn Mawr, and MLK Business Districts of Unincorporated West Hill (98178).

Looking for other community, business, or worker support, or how to find the latest trustworthy news and information about COVID-19? Check out our roundup here.

While we’ll do our best to keep local business info up-to-date, please contact the business directly to confirm details. Continue on for our latest list…

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WHCA Spring 2020 Quarterly Meeting Zoom Window

Persevering Amid Pandemic: Our Spring Quarterly Recap

by Devin Chicras

While the COVID-19 pandemic may have prompted us at the all-volunteer nonprofit West Hill Community Association to host our first-ever virtual Community Quarterly Meeting, it has also inspired an outpouring of support and togetherness (even while maintaining social distancing!).

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Takeout, checklist, and handwash icons imposed over a photo of downtown Skyway

Skyway Strong: COVID-19 Resources for West Hill

by Devin Chicras (with help from WHCA Directors)

ℹ️ NOTE: This post will be updated regularly (first published 3/23/2020)

Neighbors, we find ourselves in somewhat uncharted territory. We’re hyperfocused on the news, we’re figuring out childcare or homeschooling, we’re learning to work virtually or navigating unemployment. In this time of social distancing and quarantine, how do we find the resources we need to make it through, and if we have a tiny bit of bandwidth left – how do we help others to get through this with us? We’ve done our best to compile some resources, opportunities, and trustworthy sources of news below.

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