Rain activated sidewalk art with message reading "I Love Skyway"

On the Bright Side: Gratitude and Highlights from 2020

By the WHCA Board

Hello friends, neighbors, and community partners! 

Our hearts are full of GRATITUDE for all the people and organizations who are working together and working tirelessly in these trying times to make Skyway-West Hill a healthier, stronger, more equitable place. West Hill Community Association (WHCA) is grateful to be part of this resilient community, and we want to take a moment to share some WHCA bright spots from the past year.

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Skyway residents raise their voice at the Heal the Hood march and rally

The Skyway Community Demands Action Now

A message from WHCA

As is widely known by those who have called Skyway home for many years, this community has long been asking for and fighting for basic needs such as social services and healthcare, transportation access, early childhood education opportunities, services and resources for children and young people, a multi-service community center, and much more. Yet King County has relentlessly and deliberately denied, rejected, and overlooked the community’s requests and needs.

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Hometown Heroes: West Hill Community Rallies Amidst Pandemic

by Beth Hintz

We’re inspired and motivated by how the West Hill community has risen to the challenge of keeping neighbors safe and healthy during both the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus and the virus of anti-Black racism, and the resulting racial justice uprising we are experiencing today for Black Lives Matter. Here are just a few examples of local heroes in our midst who are working tirelessly to support residents in Skyway.

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Partnering with Teens and Dinos to Maximize West Hill’s Midterm Turnout

by Devin Chicras

Our first year in King County Elections’ and Seattle Foundation’s Voter Education Fund cohort was full of memorable moments – from being blown away by the creativity and brilliance of our High School Voter Advocate partners at Renton High School and Talley High School to stopping traffic on election day with our T-Rex in front of Skyway Library.

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WHCA’s Top Seven West Hill Moments of 2017

by Devin Chicras

2017 was a pretty darn good year for your all-volunteer nonprofit West Hill Community Association. We welcomed five new board members, grew attendance at all our events, rolled up our sleeves alongside even more hardworking volunteers, and met some incredible new neighbors. We celebrated victories, re-organized, and doubled our efforts where needed. While we’ve already hit the ground running for 2018, we’re gunna pause for just a second to look back on some of the more memorable moments of last year. Without further ado, here are our top seven moments from 2017: Continue Reading 

West Hill Action Mob (WHAM) Fall Cleanup 2017 Volunteers

Trash, Weeds, Pizza: Three Things West Hill Action Mob Took Care of Last Weekend

by Devin Chicras

Neighbors volunteered to make trash and weeds disappear from the Skyway Business District

…and later do the same to a stack of delicious pizza.

Between eating free breakfast and lunch, more than 20 neighbors went out and tamed the sidewalks of Skyway’s business district this weekend. How did we do it? Well here’s a look at the West Hill Action Mob (WHAM) Party: Fall Cleanup 2017 from Saturday, September 16th. Thanks to everyone who helped out! Continue Reading 

West Hill Community Association (WHCA) Summer Recap 2017

WHCA’s Skyway Summer Event Recap & Fall Preview

by Devin Chicras

We block partied. We paraded. We played the HECK out of some tabletop games.

And we experienced the best films both in and outdoors, always with fresh organic popcorn in hand.

Some folks underestimate how much fun we have in West Hill, particularly in our vibrant Skyway neighborhood. For those unfortunate folks that might not have paid close attention and missed all the fun, here’s a look back at some of our favorite highlights you can share with ’em.

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West Hill Moments We'll Remember 2015

West Hill Moments We’ll Remember From 2015

by Devin Chicras

From taking on mountains and tackling wetlands restoration to the crazy costumes at Skyway Outdoor Cinema, 2015 was packed with unforgettable moments in West Hill. We look back on a few of our favorites in this round-up:

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