Summer 2022 Community Quarterly Update

  Community Interest

by Fin Hardy and Devin Chicras

State of the Hill

In lieu of our live Zoom Quarterly Meeting in July, we have tried something a little different. Read on to learn about reports on community services, updates, and upcoming events from community partners!

We hope this will blog post will provide Skyway-West Hill residents with timely access to information, but reduce the load on volunteer board members over the summer. We plan to return to our typical Quarterly Meeting in the fall!

Get to Know the WHCA Board!

Fin Hardy, President

How long have you lived in Skyway? What do you love most about Skyway?

“My husband and I moved to Skyway in the summer of 2018. We absolutely love living here–the welcoming community, the small businesses, being near Lake Washington, and feeling like we belong as a POC family.”

What do you do when not volunteering for WHCA?

“When school’s in session, you’ll find me teaching kindergarten over at Lakeridge Elementary. I also love rowing with Renton Rowing Center on Lake Washington. You might also find me in the yard gardening and biking or hiking with my husband Jacob and baby Kyzyl–we love Dead Horse Canyon!

You should apply to join our board…

“if you are motivated to make Skyway-West Hill an even better place for future generations! There is so much going for this place and we deserve to have a vibrant, thriving community for our children to grow up in!”

Beth Hintz, Secretary

How long have you lived in Skyway? What do you love most about Skyway?

“I’ve lived in Skyway for 4 years. I love the people, the small town feel, and the ability to join with others and work together for justice and equity in our community.”

What do you do when not volunteering for WHCA?

“I’m a small business owner (actually two businesses!)–a freelance grant writing consulting business to support nonprofit organizations, and an energy healing practice to support people in releasing unhelpful or trapped emotional energy. In my free time, I’m usually with my husband tending to the plants in our garden, reading or watching movies, cooking, or hiking (in the picture we’re hiking at Mt Rainier, one of my favorite places.)”

You should apply to join our board…

“if you love this community, want to see improvements (like a resource center, a community center, and affordable housing!), and want to make sure that any community improvements don’t displace people and families who have lived and worked here for decades.”

Devin Chicras, Treasurer

How long have you lived in Skyway? What do you love most about Skyway?

“I’ve lived in Skyway since 2006, and the incredible folks here inspired me to become active in community building events and actions not long after I arrived. I’m continuously impressed with the brilliance of our community – from those shaking up the media landscape, building movements centered on those furthest from justice, tackling inequities in the healthcare system, or even hustling to build a successful local business – you never know who you’ll meet next.”

What do you do when not volunteering for WHCA?

“Full time city communications specialist, but I also maintain a roster of do-gooder business and nonprofit clients that I support with full-spectrum design, web development, and marketing projects. In another volunteer role, I’ve been honored to be able to serve as the board president of South Seattle Emerald for over six years.”

You should apply to join our board…

“All those incredible people in our community? MEET THEM by joining our team. Connect to and help empower the folks who call this place home to create the neighborhoods that support them and their families. There is a role for everyone, all you need is some extra time and dedication.”

Jamie Jackson

Answers from Jamie coming soon!

Greg Hunter

How long have you lived in Skyway? What do you love most about Skyway?

I’ve lived here in Skyway for the past 3 years and also grew up here. I love the diversity of people, events, and businesses that skyway offers to the community.

What do you do when not volunteering for WHCA?

I am a full-time Real Estate Broker; when I am not working, I am spending time with my family and friends or traveling.

You should apply to join our board…

“if you want to be more involved and make an impact in the community!”

Joel Bush

How long have you lived in Skyway? What do you love most about Skyway?

25 years! The diversity!

What do you do when not volunteering for WHCA?

Gardening, coaching youth sports, leading scouting activities, engaging youth in STEM, or unwinding on Copalis Beach.

You should apply to join our board…

“if you want to use your skill set to positively impact the community!””

Cierra Sisters Wellness Festival–July 30th

@SkywayFire Chief Eric Hicks:
✉️ [email protected]

KCHA Weatherization Program (PDF flyer)

Skyway Coalition

  • Who we are – we are a coalition of Skyway serving community organizations and community leaders who champion Skyway’s historic work and voices and work to empower Skyway residents in advocacy 
  • Our vision/goals –  we center community voices to drive equitable, community-led development and advocacy for investments and systems and policy changes to ensure our largely diverse community can thrive; today and for generations to come   
  • Community Opportunities – If you live in, or have a strong connection to Skyway and support and agree with our vision and values, you can join as a Coalition member/organizational member;  there are also a number of opportunities to grow experience in advocacy and community development as well as participate and/or lead work in our Economic Development or Housing committees or various community development initiatives.
  • Current News
    Advocacy:  As an unincorporated area, a majority of our community funding comes from King County’s budget.  Skyway Coalition talked to hundreds of community members and partner organizations and recently submitted a Skyway Budget Proposal calling for continued investments in to Affordable Housing, Economic Development, Youth Programs and support for our Community Center. We will need your voice of support to encourage King County to provide sustained funding for these core services our community has advocated for decades.  We will share more information in our newsletter, Facebook page and in upcoming community meetings.
    Housing: Skyway Coalition’s partnership with Homestead Community Land Trust was formally established with the power and experience of a Skyway  community workgroup who helped develop a mobilization plan to bring affordable homeownership opportunities to Skyway.  Our partnership was recently awarded $2.5 million in support of this collaboration to bring over 50 affordable homeownership opportunities to Skyway!!  We are working to identify a date in August or September to re-engage with the community on this vision, as well as celebrate how much we’ve accomplished! 
    Economic Development
    : Last year, your advocacy helped to allocate $5.25 million in Unincorporated King County Economic Development support through their COVID 7 Supplemental budget.  We are preparing to submit our proposal that includes current and historic vision and plans to increase support for our Skyway businesses.  

We thank you, our community of advocates, for your voice and your power! To stay connected and join in support of our community’s effort to lead equitable investments in Skyway visit our webpage, sign up for our newsletter or join our membership today!

SR 167 Master Plan Online Open House and Survey

Community Health Access Program

Community Van

Would you like to help your neighbors reach the places they need to reach? Skyway Community Van is currently looking for volunteer drivers. Recently, the van has taken residents to run errands, personal appointments and  social events. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit Community Van Program – Rideshare – King County Metro – King County or email [email protected]

Skyway Resource Center

Hey neighbors! If you like having a more engaged, informed, and vibrant community, you can make a huge impact by joining your neighbors in giving $5 or more a month to the leanest, hardest working all-volunteer nonprofit in the neighborhood.