Skyway-West Hill Neighbors Will Soon Elect WHCA’s Newest Board Members

  Community Interest

By WHCA Elections Committee

ℹ️ BALLOT NOW AVAILABLE. Unincorporated West Hill resident aged 18 or older? Tell us if we should confirm the newest candidates to the board (and if you have thoughts on who would be good to fill the remaining vacancies! Thanks, and please check back here and/or subscribe to our newsletter for updates!

West Hill Community Association (WHCA)  is now accepting applications for new board members!

  • Are you at least 18 years of age and live in Unincorporated Skyway-West Hill (98178)?
  • Do you love our community and want to make a commitment to racial equity and social justice?
  • Are you interested in serving our community by committing your time to lead informative and engaging events? 
  • Do you want to create more opportunities for you and your neighbors to have a say in what happens in our community?    
  • Are you interested in helping connect yourself and your neighbors to our local government to advocate for what our community wants and needs? 
  • Are you able to listen, learn, problem-solve, and share your energy with others? 
  • Have you been attending West Hill Community Association events, and are you ready to take your involvement to the next level?

Then you would be perfect as a new board member for WHCA! We are now accepting applications for new board members. Learn more and apply today!

WHCA Board members are volunteers who are elected by the community following the annual WHCA Community Quarterly meeting on the third Tuesday of April. Apply today, and we will follow up with more details! Or contact us at [email protected] to talk with a board member and learn more! 

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Participate in board meetings on the second Wednesday evening of each month. 
  • Actively participate in at least one board committee (currently: events, advocacy, and fundraising committees).
  • Commit to a 2-year term.
  • Volunteer at WHCA hosted events and community partner events, as opportunities arise. 
  • Be able to contribute 5-10 hours a month to participate in regularly scheduled meetings, help with community events, and participate in other organizational duties as needed. 
  • Have a desire to jump in and take initiative to contribute skills, talents, time, and resources to make West Hill a strong, informed, engaged, vibrant community. 
  • Be comfortable with common technology platforms such as email and have a willingness to learn about and use new technological tools (such as Slack––we can provide training and support!)
  • Become familiar with and provide oversight regarding WHCA’s financials and governance structure. 
  • Make at least one personal donation or other meaningful contribution towards WHCA’s annual fundraising goals. 


Open applicationsJanuary 1 – April 20, 2021
Meet other board members! Attend a board meeting or reach out to talk with us ([email protected])!Upcoming board meeting: April 14
Candidates speak and elections begin during WHCA quarterly meetingApril 20, 2021 at 7pm
First board meeting, once electedMay 12, 2021 at 7pm

Candidates (so far!)

We’ll continue to update this section as more candidates apply. If you’re interested in running, apply now to give folks some time to get to know you!

Candidate: Beth Hintz

“I have lived in Skyway since 2018, and I have served on WHCA’s board since 2019. I love this community–its diversity, the people, and the beauty of it. I have worked professionally in the nonprofit sector for 20+ years and have experience in nonprofit operations, management, program development, and fundraising. I am committed to continuing to contribute my time, skills, and passions to work for racial justice in Skyway and to work for community-led improvements that will meet the needs of people and families in our community, while at the same time fighting for strong anti-displacement strategies and policies that keep our neighborhood diverse and ensure that any improvements and resources will benefit the people who have lived here and owned businesses here for so many years.” 

Candidate: Daniel Smith

I moved here in 2002 after meeting my now wife who was born and raised here in West Hill. I saw a great opportunity to become part of a community. I ran the Skyway Outdoor Cinema in 2006 and am the current trophy holder of The Holiday Lights Competition. Having won in 2009 and 2020, some could say I am undefeated in 11 years. I see many opportunities in The West Hill and I know one of the contributions I could make happen is to improve the Bus Stops thru-out the area. Some are very difficult to access and others are downright embarrassing. My background in construction and dealing with and negotiating Government contracts and specifications will enable me to work with the appropriate teams to improve this needed service.

I look forward to this opportunity and working with the WHCA and other community members to make this and other projects a success.

Candidate: You?

Learn more and apply today!

Planning to run for the board? Get the Zoom link:

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