Skyway Outdoor Cinema’s Sixteenth Season Sparked a Spectacular Summer

  Event    Skyway Outdoor Cinema

by Devin Chicras

There’s no doubt Skyway Outdoor Cinema is a rainbow explosion of utter joy, diversity, friendship, & celebration. There aren’t quite enough words to accurately describe our incredible 16th season of this beloved annual festival, but we’ll do our very best to show you.

NIGHT ONE: “Coco” at Skyway Outdoor Cinema, 8/3/18

Opening night of Season 16 was peak Skyway Outdoor Cinema – bursting with vibrant colors, sounds and smiles. From Folklore Mexicano Tonantzin‘s breathtaking performances displaying regional costume and dance from the Jalisco and Veracruz regions of Mexico, to the authentic Mexican tastes of Grumpy’s Mexican Food Truck and custom Coco-inspired flavors of Full Tilt Ice Cream, our first night of 2018 was full of SOC magic. Thanks to the balloon artistry of Paisley The Clown, magic and hijinks of Roget De Man, King County Fire District 20‘s Sparky The Fire Dog and facepainting duo of Cliff & Mónica in addition to Skyway Library for the free books, Lindquist Law, PLLC for the free bike helmets to go along with the free glow bracelets, coloring pages and other swag we had available at our West Hill Community Association table.

📷 Caroline Walker Evans Photography (View all photos here)

NIGHT TWO: “Wonder Woman” at Skyway Outdoor Cinema, 8/10/18

Just when you think SOC can’t get any more magical, here comes Wonder Woman (Amazon of Olympia), an Amazon Warrior from the Queen’s Guard (Tereshkova Costuming) and a KITTEN ON A LEASH. Joining the magic this time were our friends from SoSo Good, Full Tilt Ice Cream, Ava Wadleigh facepainting, Paisley The Clown balloon twisting, Skyway Library handed out free books from King County Library System Foundation, King County Parks filled us in on the latest updates on the Skyway Park improvements, GeekGirlCon led us in some comic trivia, Wonder Woman trivia winners got free pizzas from 7-Eleven and tons of Wonder Woman beach balls bounced around the crowd.

📷 Caroline Walker Evans Photography (View all photos here)

NIGHT THREE: “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” at Skyway Outdoor Cinema, 8/17/18

We got WILD at SOC. We partied like animals and refueled with Full Tilt Ice Cream and by eating every hot dog Lil J’s SuperDawgs had in their truck. Ava Wadleigh transformed our faces into unicorns and tigers with paint and glitter (lots of glitter), Paisley The Clown twisted balloons into functional art, and Roget de Man cracked us up with his silly magic and skillful juggling. We loaded up on free books from Skyway Library , competed in hula hooping and trivia contests, and won prizes. All season we enabled closed captioning on our movies, but this was the first night we had live ASL translation during our preshow!

📷 Caroline Walker Evans Photography (View all photos here)

NIGHT FOUR: “Black Panther” at Skyway Outdoor Cinema, 8/24/18

A team of Black Panthers descended upon the lot, along with the White Wolf (Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier!). We ate everything Brandon & co brought with ’em on the SoSo Good truck. Folks got passes to Woodland Park Zoo, Black Panther goodies and more. We stayed cool with Full Tilt Ice Cream and ate a record amount of organic Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn. We got hyped on voting with King County Elections got some functional balloon art from Paisley The Clown and put our Black Panther trivia to the test to win pizzas from 7-Eleven. And most importantly, we hung out with our friends and family, and made plans to DO IT ALL AGAIN NEXT YEAR.

📷 Susan Fried Photography (View all photos here)

Thank you so much for joining us for Season 16, and if you can, please help keep this magic alive for #17 by taking a couple minutes to up a small recurring donation. We appreciate y’all so much.