Skyway Outdoor Cinema’s Sensational Season Seventeen

  Skyway Outdoor Cinema

by Devin Chicras

Spiders, princesses, and epic adventures helped make Skyway Outdoor Cinema’s seventeenth summer unforgettable, but the folks who showed up made it truly magical.

“Incredibles 2” at Skyway Outdoor Cinema, August 2nd, 2019

Season 17 started off in the best way possible, with a few hundred of the neatest folks all in one place, eating incredible Mexican food from Skyway’s own Whateke food truck, cooling down with Full Tilt Ice Cream (for the FIFTH year in a row!), and cheering on the King County Fire District 20 vs. King County Sheriff’s Office egg & spoon race.

We transformed into dragons and superheroes via Ava Wadleigh’s masterful face painting, got balloon swords and alien creations from Paisley, scored free bike helmets from Lindquist Law, got silly in the photo booth with the WTIA Ion Collaborators, picked up some neat swag from King County Parks, collected brand new free books from Skyway Library, wore our free superhero masks and glow stick necklaces from the WHCA table, and of course spent all our quarters on our famous 50¢ organic popcorn and $1 full size candy at concessions.

📷 Caroline Walker Evans Photography

“The Princess Bride” at Skyway Outdoor Cinema, August 9th, 2019

We had an INCONCEIVABLE amount of fun with a few hundred incredible folks! Book-It Repertory Theatre brought an epic adventure to life with an incredible preshow performance of “The Odyssey”!

We ate tons of Full Tilt Ice Cream and ate everything King Philly Cheesesteaks had on the truck. Lots of princesses were coronated with tiaras and glowsticks, and several Dread Pirate Roberts’ donned their masks and got to plundering.

📷 Caroline Walker Evans Photography

“Aquaman” at Skyway Outdoor Cinema, August 16th, 2019

Our third night was so much fun, with a guest appearance by trivia-master Princess Mera of Atlantis and incredible noms provided by Lil J’s Super Dawgs and Full Tilt Ice Cream.

Artistic face painting by Ava Wadleigh, balloon art by Paisley, and hundreds of bubbles and glow bracelets created the perfect atmosphere for some fast-paced undersea action for about 350 fantastic folks.

📷 Caroline Walker Evans Photography

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” at SOC, August 23rd, 2019

We did not let Season 17 of Skyway Outdoor Cinema slip away quietly into the night. Nope. We closed out our summer with nearly a dozen Spider-Verse characters the best ice cream from the best ice cream slinger in the west (Jay at Full Tilt!), the tastiest cheesesteaks in town (King Philly!), three metric tons of glow sticks and one heaping dose of fun shared with a few hundred of our favorite neighbors and friends.

📷 Hallie McGee Photography

Thank you all for making Season 17 unforgettable. We appreciate each and every one of you.

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  1. Devin! It was so nice to meet you yesterday – I’ve been hearing about the Skyway Outdoor Cinema for years and it was thrilling to meet the Diligent Custodian/Amiable Attendant Greeter/etc./etc. in person! I’d love to have a chance to get together with you to learn more about your efforts in Skyway and surrounding neighborhoods. Please e-mail or give a call when you’re available! All best, Barbara McMichael / SoCoCulture