Looking Back at Skyway Outdoor Cinema 2015

  Skyway Outdoor Cinema

by Devin Chicras

Now that we’ve had well over a month to recover from this year’s Skyway Outdoor Cinema season, we’d like to look back on our top 10 moments from SOC 2015.

Without further ado, and in no particular order:

  1. Getting to wear some silly costumes well before Halloween

    Skyway Outdoor Cinema 2015 - Starlord Costume
    Looks like Starlord forgot to bring along some laser zappers. Always ready to improvise! (photo: Marina Fischer)
  2. Remembering how great Ghostbusters is

    Skyway Outdoor Cinema 2015 - Ghostbusters
    Be honest, how many of you were quoting along?? (Photo: Alex Garland)
  3. Seeing how many people packed in at Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy at Skyway Outdoor Cinema (Photo by Alex Garland)
    We surely broke records that night. Look at all you guys! (Photo: Alex Garland)
  4. Getting absolutely schooled at movie trivia

    Skyway Outdoor Cinema 2015 - Trivia Winner
    Now THIS is how you claim your free popcorn coupon after kicking butt at movie trivia. Take note for next year! (Photo: Marina Fischer)
  5. Goofing around with Sparky the Fire Dog

    Skyway Outdoor Cinema 2015 - Maleficent and Sparky the Fire Dog from KCFD20
    Please note that Sparky The Fire Dog was not harmed nor turned into a crow or fire breathing dragon during the event. (Photo: Marina Fischer)
  6. When Paisley the Clown twisted cool Seahawks balloon hats for everyone

    Skyway Outdoor Cinema 2015 - Paisley the Clown twisting Seahawks balloon hats
    We think that’s a pretty good trade-off for missing part of the game. (Photo: Ben Fischer)
  7. When rain couldn’t stop us from having fun

    Skyway Outdoor Cinema 2015 - Weatherproofing at Ghostbusters
    It may have been a little wet, but the clouds parted JUST in time for the movie. Does that mean we have special powers? Or maybe you guys just crossed your fingers really hard. (Photo: Alex Garland)
  8. Eating fresh tortas from Luchador Taco Co.

    Skyway Outdoor Cinema 2015 - Luchador Taco Co.
    Did you try the Piña Jarritos? Is that totally your favorite flavor of all time? Ours too. (Photo: Marina Fischer)
  9. Losing our minds over how delicious Full Tilt Ice Cream is

    Skyway Outdoor Cinema 2015 - Full Tilt Ice Cream Truck
    Did you figure out what your fave flavor is yet? No, not Flavor Flav. Fave Flav. Did you try the orange cream one?? (Photo: Jordan Nicholson)
  10. All of that sweet free stuff

    Skyway Outdoor Cinema 2015 - Concessions
    What free stuff? How about: raffle tickets (and prizes), scoops of Full Tilt Ice Cream, taco meals from Luchador Taco Co., bags of popcorn, dozens of Woodland Park Zoo passes and one hundred Slurpees. (Photo: Mary Goebel)

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