List of Things Not Permitted at Monday’s Bowling Alley Takeover

  WHCA Event

by Devin Chicras

As you know, we’re inviting everyone to hang out with us at Skyway Park Bowl on Monday, March 27th from 6-9pm for some cheap bowling and good times. While this is not only an excellent excuse to meet neighbors, party down and have fun – it’s also the perfect excuse to bring friends and family along to bowl for cheap ($4+tax for shoe rental gets you 3 games free). If you haven’t bowled for awhile, please review the list below for actions that are NOT PERMITTED at the WHCA Bowling Alley Takeover. 

  1. Using the Force

  2. Mixing Sports

  3. Full-Body Tackles

  4. Bringing Down the House

  5. Slip ‘N’ Sliding

  6. Using Your Feet

  7. Using Other Pins

  8. Feats of Juggling

  9. Loitering on the Lanes

  10. Not Having a Sweet Victory Dance Ready

If you’re willing to play by the rules, join the event on Facebook.

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