Join the West Hill Board of Directors

  Community Interest

by Beth Hintz

West Hill Community Association (WHCA)  is now accepting applications for new board members!

NOTE: Board Elections have been postponed until July due to COVID-19 concerns. We’re hoping to be able to meet safely in July and conduct a fair and secure election. Applications are still being accepted!

  • Are you a resident of unincorporated West Hill and at least 18 years of age? West Hill includes neighborhoods of Bryn Mawr, Campbell Hill, Earlington, Hilltop, Lakeridge, Panorama View, Skycrest and Skyway (bordered by Renton, Tukwila, Seattle, and Lake Washington).
  • Do you love our community and want to make it even stronger and more vibrant?
  • Are you interested in serving our community by committing your time to lead informative and engaging events? 
  • Do you want to create more opportunities for you and your neighbors to have a say in what happens in our community?    
  • Are you interested in helping connect yourself and your neighbors to our local government to advocate for what our community wants and needs? 
  • Are you able to listen, learn, problem-solve, and share your energy with others? 
  • Have you been attending West Hill Community Association events, and are you ready to take your involvement to the next level?

Then you would be perfect as a new board member for WHCA! We are now accepting applications for new board members. While you can always nominate or self-nominate from the floor during our quarterly meeting on the 3rd Tuesday in April July, apply in advance to be considered for inclusion on the ballot or to potentially fill any vacant seats throughout the year at the board’s discretion.

Apply today, and we will follow up with more details. Or contact us at [email protected] to talk with a board member and learn more! 

All unincorporated West Hill residents aged 18 or older are eligible to vote for, nominate, or self-nominate WHCA board members.

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Participate in board meetings on the second Wednesday evening of each month. 
  • Actively participate in at least one board committee (currently: events, advocacy, and fundraising committees).
  • Commit to a 2-year term.
  • Volunteer at WHCA hosted events and community partner events, as opportunities arise. 
  • Be able to contribute 5-10 hours a month to participate in regularly scheduled meetings, help with community events, and participate in other organizational duties as needed. 
  • Have a desire to jump in and take initiative to contribute skills, talents, time, and resources to make West Hill a strong, informed, engaged, vibrant community. 
  • Be comfortable with common technology platforms such as email and have a willingness to learn about and use new technological tools (such as Slack – we can provide training and support!)
  • Become familiar with and provide oversight regarding WHCA’s financials and governance structure. 
  • Make at least one personal donation or other meaningful contribution towards WHCA’s annual fundraising goals.