How Our First-Ever West Hill Board Game Social Event Went

  WHCA Event

by Devin Chicras

On March 2nd, 2019 we held a four-hour tabletop gaming session with the greatest neighbors and friends complete with the most awesome snack spread we could dream up (lumpia, quail egg chicken noodle soup, pub mix, cookies…).

Our wonderful hosts, Bryn Mawr United Methodist Church (8016 S 116th St), helped prepare much of the delicious food, and members joined in on the fun.

We enjoyed the company of a wonderfully diverse group of new friends, from elementary school students to octagenarians, folks living in homes with views of the lake and those who make their home in a tent within a church parking lot, immigrants, faith leaders, ASL signers, new neighbors and old.

Everyone became instant friends, perhaps due to the fantastic ice breaker of “Human Bingo” – where players have to find the person who can associate with one of the spaces before they can blot it out (i.e. “won a sports championship” or “has lived in another country”).

After learning about the A.R.I.S.E. men’s shelter, WHCA decided that for every Friday in March, our board members and friends will be paying forward the kindness shown to us by the members of Bryn Mawr United Methodist Church by providing a hot dinner for the up to 25 men experiencing homelessness and sheltering at the church every night this month.

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