WHCA board members are volunteers who have been elected at the annual WHCA Community Quarterly meeting in April. All Unincorporated West Hill residents aged 18 or older are eligible to vote and be nominated or self-nominate from the floor. The board typically meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the King County Fire District 20 Administrative Offices (12424 76th Ave S. Seattle WA 98178) but has been meeting virtually during the pandemic. All meetings are open to the public.

Beyond regular monthly meetings of the whole, our board members stay busy serving on committees and filling volunteer roles to keep the organization running, organizing successful events, and keeping the community informed.

Joey Dunn **

Fin Hardy **

Beth Hintz *

Micah Phillips *

Basha Alexander **

Devin Chicras **

Jacqueline Frazier *

Margie Lindberg *

Anthony Miller *

Vacant *

Jeannie Williams **

*Term expires April 2021
**Term expires April 2022

Interested in joining the board?

Unincorporated West Hill residents aged 18 or older are eligible to vote for, nominate, or self-nominate WHCA board members. Apply here to be considered for inclusion on the ballot, or to potentially fill any vacant seats throughout the year at the board’s discretion.

Do you have a little extra time, some helpful skills, and a passion for serving others? Join us:

WHCA’s Election Committee will review each application as it is able. The Committee will do its best to follow up in a timely manner, and will confirm with each applicant before placing them on a ballot or for consideration to fill a vacant seat through board vote. Any applications submitted beyond the fourth Friday in March will not be considered for the current year’s election on the third Tuesday in April but may still be considered for any vacancies. Check out our About Page for links to important board documents such as Articles, Bylaws, and meeting minutes.

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