Big Announcement from WHCA and More News from July Community Meeting

  WHCA Event

By Devin Chicras

Your quarterly community catch-up featured some great speakers sharing what’s new in the Skyway-West Hill area, and we made a big announcement about what’s next for our organization. Guests included: Skyway Coalition, King County Local Services, Skyway Water & Sewer District, King County Fire District #20, and King County Sheriff’s Office.

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West Hill Community Association – Virtual Quarterly Meeting – Summer 2021

Live Tweet thread (unedited)

VP Fin Hardy is making a big announcement to get us started!

“WHCA has always been about a group of neighbors getting creative with scarce resources to ensure our community’s needs are met. But incremental change is not enough, and the time is now to make a bold step forward…”

“We are announcing our intention to become a CDA [Community Development Association]… in order to make sure the future of Skyway-West Hill is healthier, more welcoming, + more vibrant w/o displacing the neighbors that make this place special to begin with.”

Jeremy Williams: Skyway Coalition is finalizing organizational structure. Unincorporated BIPOC alliance w White Center and Vashon is working w/ KC Local Services to design equitable RFP process for affordable housing funds. Join our regular meetings!

Skyway-West Hill residents: join King County DCHS and representatives of Skyway Coalition for a virtual community conversation about the Skyway $5M Fund for Affordable Housing this Saturday, July 24th from 1-:3:30pm.

GM Cynthia Lamothe, @skywayWS: lobby is open, those who aren't vaxxed are requested to wear masks. Still not disconnecting services or putting liens in place until at least 9/31.

GM Cynthia Lamothe, @skywayWS: Advocating for state & federal assistance for customers, & applying for low-interest loans for projects. Old water mains on multiple streets between 84th-87th ave S will be replaced.

KC Local Services' Kevin LeClair: Great event last week w/ Skyway Community Voices. Working on engagement & draft of subarea plan. Public review draft drops 8/23. Feedback on draft will be welcome. Working on community needs list & will be working with community on prioritization

Two community kiosk message boards have been installed, ribbon-cutting event on Friday at one of the locations (next to Skyway Library) from 3-6pm.

Major Jeffery Flohr from @KingCoSheriff: Recent Special Emphasis team search warrant confiscated 7k fentanyl pills and several "ghost guns" (w/o serial numbers).

.@KingCoSheriff Major Flohr: Street racing groups have been actively discouraged from continuing to do burnouts in the Skyway Grocery Outlet parking lot, including on July 4.

West Hill Storefront Deputy Josh Sayles: “We are now doing patrols walking on foot up and down Renton Avenue (a 1-mile route). Wave or honk if you see us!”

Zoraida Arias provided updates from King County Sheriff's Office on immigration relief for immigrant survivors of crimes or those facilitating the reporting of crimes. Information available in several languages.

Zoraida Arias shared that @KingCoSheriff has been working on updating many forms and resources in up to 27 languages, including Miranda cards, domestic violence prevention services, complaint forms, and "I Speak" cards.

Manny Apostol updated us regarding @KingCoSheriff recent outreach efforts. Text 9-1-1 available in King Cty. Neighborhood mtgs have been organized, & they'll be at farmers' markets + local events. Language access is a priority. Webinars/trainings held. National Night Out is 8/3.

Next up: @SkywayFire Chief Eric Hicks will be providing some updates on the fire district. #Skyway #WestHill

Updates from @SkywayFire:
July 4: only 2 small brush fires, thanks to @KingCoSheriff for the partnership in limiting gatherings in parking lots from getting out of control with fireworks.
COVID: shout out to my team for the great job they've been doing.

.@SkywayFire: we serve a community of nearly 20k over 3sq miles and rely on property taxes for funding. We have 4 shifts with volunteer and career firefighters combined. It takes 2-3 people for basic life support call (4-5 for adv, CPR = 6-8). It can take 15+ to respond to fire.

@SkywayFire: Aid calls are the 3/4 of the calls we get. Improving service means doing education to reduce accidental fires and a new alternative response unit can offer folks who frequently need aid (i.e. fallen and can't get up).

@SkywayFire: There will be a levy lid lift ask on our November 2 ballot. That would increase taxes on $300k residence by $111 starting in 2022. This funds nearly all of KCFD20's services. Costs & labor have gone up, but levy has been flat – which is why it needs to be lifted.

@SkywayFire: 2017-2021 excess levy has paid for safety equipment, the things we wear going into fires needs to be replaced often, the new Rehab unit (pictured) replaced 1983 truck, we have ordered new engine and aid car, and saving money for another engine in 2025.

What would the @SkywayFire levy fund if we vote YES in November? Staffing the aid car during the day so we don't have to wait for Renton/Tukwila when multiple calls come in. Improving training, safety, and infrastructure. Volunteer program support. Vehicle maintenance.

Chief Hicks, @SkywayFire: Health and Safety Fair will be August 28. Lots of vendors already signed up. Community room is back open to folks who want to meet in person. Ideally group is vaccinated, otherwise please wear mask in buildings.

WHCA VP Fin Hardy: thank you for joining our Summer quarterly meeting! We’re looking at hybrid options for our Fall meeting. Stay connected:

And an extra special thank you
to these 2021 community sponsors:

Motiv Real Estate Group
Merrill & Merrill Insurance
Beach Comber Sports Bar & Grill
Skyway Grocery Outlet

Our preshow slides from tonight's meeting have some fun #Skyway #WestHill updates ICYMI:

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