2020 Skyway Outdoor Cinema: Online Only, Friends!

  Skyway Outdoor Cinema

by Devin Chicras

Hey SOC fans. We were really hoping for a different outcome, but in order to prioritize our community’s safety, we have no choice but to cancel this month’s Skyway Outdoor Cinema festival – at least in person.

VIDEO: Skyway Outdoor Cinema Goes Online for 2020

While we might not be back in the lot with food trucks and AV equipment and costumed characters on the loose – we’re not going away entirely. Follow us online as we bring a little SOC fun directly to you throughout August.

We hope to be back next summer, but until then don’t forget to mask up so we can open up. Keep those hands clean, and give folks some space.

We don’t just celebrate together, we work together, and we overcome together. Be kind to your neighbors and good to yourself. We got this.

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