Are You Ready To Vote In The 2020 General Election?

by Kynan Warren (and WHCA Board)

This November’s general election has the potential to change the direction of this country for generations to come, however it’s not just a president that you are asked to vote for! Hopefully these resources can help guide you into making a well-informed decision.

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Skyway Outdoor Cinema

UPDATE: We were really hoping for a different outcome, but in order to prioritize our community’s safety, we have no choice but to cancel this month’s Skyway Outdoor Cinema festival – at least in person.

While we might not be back in the lot with food trucks and AV equipment and costumed characters on the loose – we’re not going away entirely. Follow us online as we bring a little SOC fun directly to you throughout August.

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West Hill Action Mob

The West Hill Action Mob (WHAM) is a series of spontaneous work parties where neighbors come together to “Reshape the Hill, One Party at a Time”.

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